Tuesday, 3 June 2014

The Body Shop Skincare

As I have addressed before, I am quite the compulsive skin picker. I am not proud of this by any means, but I thought that as part of my blog, I would share my experiences with you.

As it has been the last big push for completing my university degree, I have been feeling the pressure and getting more and more stressed out (for a number of reasons, such as assignments and the prospect of moving back home). This stress makes me pick more.

I visited my local The Body Shop outlet at Dalton Park to have a look at skincare to encourage me to look after my skin more and reduce picking. I am not going to lie to you lovely followers, but it hasn't much stopped my picking.

I am going to review the four products I purchased. Please bear in mind that because the products were purchased from an outlet and with added student discount I most definitely did not pay full price for the items, although I will post the RRP along with the pictures of the product.

I have also used these products for over a month to get a clear indication of how they work, and find what use is best for me.

Aloe Protective Serum
RRP £11.00
The product description on The Body Shop Site says:
This dermatologically tested pre-moisturiser is designed for skin that needs more gentle care.
Provides extra hydration
Fragrance, colour and alcohol-free
No added preservatives
I really like this product, I do feel that it is soothing on my damaged skin and it definitely primes it for moisturising. I have never used a protective serum before but I do think it makes a difference.

Tea Tree Skin Clearing Lotion

£RRP 8.00 for 50ml or £3.00 for 15ml
The description on the site says that the product is:
A light, non-oily moisturising lotion for blemished skin. For use after your Tea Tree cleansing regime.
Provides lightweight hydration 
Easily absorbed
With shine control for a matte finish
Antibacterial action
Clinically proven to give clearer-looking skin
I really like this product, I agreee with it being mattifying, but do not use this product around the eyes or on borken skin because it bloody hurts (although I admit, I do like the feel of the stinging on my 'blemainshes', as I feel that it is astringent).
I think that this product does a brilliant job of moisturising the skin without it feeling greasy.
I should also mention that on The Body Shop's site, this is classed as a bestseller, and I completely see why!

Tea Tree Pore Minimiser

RRP £7.50
 Again, TBS site explains the product as:

Our new Tea Tree Pore Minimiser makes pores look smaller. Infused with Community Fair Trade organic tea tree oil, it smoothes, primes and mattifies, and leaves skin feeling fresh and pure.
Minimises the appearance of pores
Matifies for a shine-free finish
Leaves skin feeling fresh and pure
Ideal base for make-up
I really like this product, but I'm not entirely sure that other users of this product will, because of the look of the product (looks a bit like mucus or something before rubbed in) and it has quite a smell and is again quite astringent. I think on a lot of skins the combination of the skin clearing products may be overkill and result in the skin overcompensating. But on me, with combination skin, I love this product. If I was to clear my skin up, I would definitely use this primer instead of foundation, it is that good. Currently I only use it on my T-zone, as I have dry cheeks.

my final product is:
Tea Tree Blemish Gel

RRP £6.50 for 2.5ml

 The product description says:
A handbag essential. Help is at hand with this SOS wand.
Targeted care
Instantly cools without over-drying skin
Clinically proven to give clearer-looking skin

 I think that this is a fantastic product for drying out spots. For use with my anti-picking regime, maybe not so much, as the damaged skin is not usually greasy. It also stings like a b***h when used on broken skin. Although it may sound like I am being negative, I do believe that on the right skin, this product would be fantastic at shrinking lurking blemishes!

Anyways, these are the products I bought from the body shop, and all in all, my new skincare regime has cleared my skin up, resulting in less areas for me to pick at! I have also used the products (apart from the primer) on the boyf, and he really liked them. I might buy them for him when I get a bit of money behind me!

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