Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Where my life is going

Hey everyone, I apologise for my lack of communication, I've finished university until I have to re-sit some of my assignments and I am picking up loads of shifts at work at the moment.

I am currently applying for loads of jobs, nothing to do with my course though, and this makes me sad. Also, as much as I dislike the rather unsociable hours that come with working at Nando's, it also makes me sad that I may be leaving sometime in the future.
I leave Sunderland for good next Friday, and this has lots of mixed emotions. I keep thinking of all of the memories I have created during these three years and the friends I have made and I smile. But really inside, I am deeply unhappy. I am moving back to my little pit village where there is nothing to do but go to the pub or watch television all day, and I am moving away from some of the best friends I have ever made. The only think that keeps me happy is that the majority of my university pals are staying in the area and I will be able to see them!

This time of change has me thinking, 'am I happy?' I don't think I am. I'm going to focus on things that do make me happy in the future and hopefully have a good rest of my life!

P.s. below are some brilliant photos of my time at university!

Not forgetting the Clanny cat - the cat that wandered around the halls!

How is your life at the moment lovelies?

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