Wednesday, 30 April 2014

My earliest childhood memories

Good afternoon! Today's post is going to actually be written on time for once!
Today's blog a day challenge post is regarding my earliest childhood memory.
I don't actually have much recollection of anything before the age of 5 really, but I do remember two specific moments wjen I will have been around three years of age and to be honest they will have been at around the same time but are completely different memories.
The first memory I have chosen to talk about is about me being sick, and although it is about that, it is still a happy memory.
The reason I was sick was because when I was small I really suffered from travel sickness, and had been taken to Whitby by my lovely next door neighbours, who were like grandparents to me. Anyway, Whitby is only about an hour and a half away from me, and although I had a fantatsic day, I remember vividly sitting in the back of a bright red car and vomming out of the window. Yes probably not the classiest memory to be shared, but it was definitely early because it was before my brother was born.
My other memory was also before my brother was born, and this was a memory of my mother being pregnant with him.
I remember sitting in the bath with my Mam and her rubbing her pregnant stomach and telling me I was going to have a little brother or sister and that I could feel them kicking if I was patient. I don't remember my baby bro kicking but I do vividly remember that moment in time, including the decor in the bathroom.
To me, these memories are quite the mean feat because of the fact they will be around 22 years old.
I will be posting another blog post today, but it won't be part of the challenge. It will be my very first product review, it will be a review of a lip product I purchased last week. I am so excited for this.
Tomorrow's blog a day post will be on the topic of 'Three personality traits I am proud of.' That shall make for an interesting post!
Love Melissa xx

My Guilty Pleasure

Today is the day I post about my guilty pleasure according to my list of things to post every day. Oops. I am 20 mins late on posting. This is because I am getting over McBusted.
This post may also be relatively picture-less as I am typing it on my mobile communication device, and for this I deeply apologise.
Anyways I am meant to be writing about my guilty pleasure, but I am this very corny person who loves corny stuff, so I have many guilty pleasures.
First on my list is the good old Power Ballad!! Yes I actually love them so much. The mother introduced me to them and brought me up with them. I love good old 80's and 90's power ballads such as Roxette's It Must Have Been Love, The Crazy Patrice Swayze's She's Like The Wind and Toni Braxton's Un-break My Heart. I cannot get enough of them, I will sing them on singstar with my wonderful obliging housemates and I have my 'Angry Bird Playlist' full of ones I want to listen to when I obviously feel angry and want a cry!
This guilty pleasure also links to one of my others... a good old boyband. I'm not the biggest fan of the likes of One Direction, although I think that's because I feel too old for them.
My boybands were the likes of Boyzone and Westlife! Actually love them sooooo much, cried when Stephen Gately died and when Westlife decided to split (although in truth, it was kinda about time!) Mcfly were also part of that boyband obsession, but that occurred a bit more recently, so McBusted last night were amazing!
Jeez Louise, this is becoming a bit of an essay. My other guilty pleasure is makeup. According to my Mam, I have always harboured this love. I actually vividly remember my first items of 'proper' makeup which were ridiculously nineties, a brown Rimmel eyeshadow trio and also a lilac lipgloss. I really covet the eyeshadow now!
But yes I was a bit of a fashion follower makeup wise, I mean I used to wear the lightest pink frosted lipstick with blue mascara and a pastel eyeshadow on the lid, graduated from that to tell my sk8r girl friends to stop wearing pink eye shadow because it made their eyes look sore! Haha oh I love my makeup memories.
I cannot go into boots because I always spend more money than I should on makeup, such as the other day when all makeup was 3 for 2! I actually told my boyfriend that he should have dragged me out! Oops.
Hope that this post has informed you readers of my lovely quirks! It's brought back some awesome and cringy memories but I do not care.
Anyway, I have realised after typing this that I have ballsed up the order of the post per day challenge, so tomorrow's post will be about My Earliest Childhood Memory, I promise!

P.s. the below picture is my McBusted face!

Love Melissa xx

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Twenty Facts about Me

As per the blog a day challenge, and the fact that I will be unable to post tomorrow, I have produced the second post of the day. This means that I have to come up with 20 facts about myself. This is going to be fairly difficult, and the facts will definitely not be in order of importance.

1)  I am left handed, but I do the majority of tasks with my right hand.

2)  I have been hypnotised before - and promptly embarrassed myself.

3)  I am 25 years of age.

4)  I believe that I may have a slight food addiction. I love food way too much.

5)  My astrological sign is Pisces, but I do not believe in horoscopes.

6)  I've had a fairly wide array of different jobs for a 25 year old.

7)  I am a strong believer in fate, and I always think that everything does happen for a reason.

8)  I have 3 tattoos, but I want another one before I graduate from University.

9)  I am a compulsive skin picker, I know how unhygenic and damaging it is, but I cannot stop.
10)  Due to being a compulsive skin picker, I have reached out for budget makeup to conceal these 'blemishes' for around 12 years.
11)  I love Katy Perry way too much, as in, I have just spent £80 of my student loan on Reflection Section tickets for her gig.
12)  As with a lot of 25 year old women, I do not have any idea where my life is going, and it scares me a bit.

13)  I am bisexual and in a relationship with a man, but I feel I am more physically attracted to women.

14)  I buy makeup without really thinking of the financial consequences.

15)  I have always loved to read, and I look forward to finishing university so I can read for fun again!

16)  I am unsure whether I will ever get married.

17)  I am obsessed with Harry Potter, yes you may think that I am too old, but I will never be too old!

18)  I suffer from what are called 'focal' migraines where they affect my vision and my other senses. Wonderful.

19)  I like drink once in a while. My favourite tipples include Guinness, Tequila, Kopparberg/Rekorderlig, wine... oh who am I kidding, I am not too fussy.

20)  From what you have read above, you will know that I am a student, although you probably do not know that I am a final year student.

So, these were my 20 facts, if you wish to know anything more about me, please ask! 
My next post is meant to be 'Meaning of My Business Name' but as I do not have a business, I cannot answer that. The next post is 'My Earliest Childhood Memory' instead. 

Melissa xx

Post per Day Challenge

Hello again,

As promised, I said I would post today, and I have, I am going to begin this blog by posting the blog per day challenge, as this allows any readers to get to know me in a structured way.

So, this post may act as an introduction on what I aim to do. I will be posting two posts today though, as I am going to a McBusted gig and also Uni tomorrow. Speak to you later!

Melissa xx

Promises, promises.

Hello, Hello, Hello.
Oh goodness, my first Bridget Jones quote. I think that I am Bridget sometimes!

I want to introduce myself and also my the purpose of my blog.

My name is Melissa and I am 25 years of age. I am a working-class girl from a County Durham pit village community living in Sunderland. I am currently in my final months of being a university student, and although I have had a rather testing few months with regards to the course, I finally feel like I am getting through it.

From the very beginning I will be brutally honest with every person who reads this blog, so I will tell you some of the more important facts about me right now:
I am female,
I am a struggling student,
I have a part-time job at Nando’s (the best place in the world)

I am following the Weight Watchers ‘diet’ (SimpleStart to be precise),
Following the above statement, I might as well admit that I currently weigh 13 stone 1lb, :/
I do not exercise,
I have a lifelong obsession with makeup,
I want to learn more about healthy living and the skincare part of beauty because;
I am a serial skinpicker. Yes I do know it's vile, unhygienic and damaging, but it is my way of dealing with stress. 
I am bisexual.
Now these admissions are probably vague, and I will most certainly add to this list of admissions from time to time, but as I start to write more blog posts, I hope I will gain readers and those readers will then get to know me, and I will gain knowledge about skincare and other stuff, such as life itself.
Maybe not, we’ll see.
A promise I will make to my readers right now, is the promise of a post each and every day for a month. Tomorrow I will post the themes for each day.  
Anyway, it is just before 1am, and I should really be going to sleep right now, as I have to go to sell flame-grilled chicken in the morning.
Sod it, I’ll have this Malibu and Cranberry, then go to sleep.

I am such a student.
Love, Melissa xx