Sunday, 27 April 2014

Promises, promises.

Hello, Hello, Hello.
Oh goodness, my first Bridget Jones quote. I think that I am Bridget sometimes!

I want to introduce myself and also my the purpose of my blog.

My name is Melissa and I am 25 years of age. I am a working-class girl from a County Durham pit village community living in Sunderland. I am currently in my final months of being a university student, and although I have had a rather testing few months with regards to the course, I finally feel like I am getting through it.

From the very beginning I will be brutally honest with every person who reads this blog, so I will tell you some of the more important facts about me right now:
I am female,
I am a struggling student,
I have a part-time job at Nando’s (the best place in the world)

I am following the Weight Watchers ‘diet’ (SimpleStart to be precise),
Following the above statement, I might as well admit that I currently weigh 13 stone 1lb, :/
I do not exercise,
I have a lifelong obsession with makeup,
I want to learn more about healthy living and the skincare part of beauty because;
I am a serial skinpicker. Yes I do know it's vile, unhygienic and damaging, but it is my way of dealing with stress. 
I am bisexual.
Now these admissions are probably vague, and I will most certainly add to this list of admissions from time to time, but as I start to write more blog posts, I hope I will gain readers and those readers will then get to know me, and I will gain knowledge about skincare and other stuff, such as life itself.
Maybe not, we’ll see.
A promise I will make to my readers right now, is the promise of a post each and every day for a month. Tomorrow I will post the themes for each day.  
Anyway, it is just before 1am, and I should really be going to sleep right now, as I have to go to sell flame-grilled chicken in the morning.
Sod it, I’ll have this Malibu and Cranberry, then go to sleep.

I am such a student.
Love, Melissa xx

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