Wednesday, 30 April 2014

My earliest childhood memories

Good afternoon! Today's post is going to actually be written on time for once!
Today's blog a day challenge post is regarding my earliest childhood memory.
I don't actually have much recollection of anything before the age of 5 really, but I do remember two specific moments wjen I will have been around three years of age and to be honest they will have been at around the same time but are completely different memories.
The first memory I have chosen to talk about is about me being sick, and although it is about that, it is still a happy memory.
The reason I was sick was because when I was small I really suffered from travel sickness, and had been taken to Whitby by my lovely next door neighbours, who were like grandparents to me. Anyway, Whitby is only about an hour and a half away from me, and although I had a fantatsic day, I remember vividly sitting in the back of a bright red car and vomming out of the window. Yes probably not the classiest memory to be shared, but it was definitely early because it was before my brother was born.
My other memory was also before my brother was born, and this was a memory of my mother being pregnant with him.
I remember sitting in the bath with my Mam and her rubbing her pregnant stomach and telling me I was going to have a little brother or sister and that I could feel them kicking if I was patient. I don't remember my baby bro kicking but I do vividly remember that moment in time, including the decor in the bathroom.
To me, these memories are quite the mean feat because of the fact they will be around 22 years old.
I will be posting another blog post today, but it won't be part of the challenge. It will be my very first product review, it will be a review of a lip product I purchased last week. I am so excited for this.
Tomorrow's blog a day post will be on the topic of 'Three personality traits I am proud of.' That shall make for an interesting post!
Love Melissa xx

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