Wednesday, 30 April 2014

My Guilty Pleasure

Today is the day I post about my guilty pleasure according to my list of things to post every day. Oops. I am 20 mins late on posting. This is because I am getting over McBusted.
This post may also be relatively picture-less as I am typing it on my mobile communication device, and for this I deeply apologise.
Anyways I am meant to be writing about my guilty pleasure, but I am this very corny person who loves corny stuff, so I have many guilty pleasures.
First on my list is the good old Power Ballad!! Yes I actually love them so much. The mother introduced me to them and brought me up with them. I love good old 80's and 90's power ballads such as Roxette's It Must Have Been Love, The Crazy Patrice Swayze's She's Like The Wind and Toni Braxton's Un-break My Heart. I cannot get enough of them, I will sing them on singstar with my wonderful obliging housemates and I have my 'Angry Bird Playlist' full of ones I want to listen to when I obviously feel angry and want a cry!
This guilty pleasure also links to one of my others... a good old boyband. I'm not the biggest fan of the likes of One Direction, although I think that's because I feel too old for them.
My boybands were the likes of Boyzone and Westlife! Actually love them sooooo much, cried when Stephen Gately died and when Westlife decided to split (although in truth, it was kinda about time!) Mcfly were also part of that boyband obsession, but that occurred a bit more recently, so McBusted last night were amazing!
Jeez Louise, this is becoming a bit of an essay. My other guilty pleasure is makeup. According to my Mam, I have always harboured this love. I actually vividly remember my first items of 'proper' makeup which were ridiculously nineties, a brown Rimmel eyeshadow trio and also a lilac lipgloss. I really covet the eyeshadow now!
But yes I was a bit of a fashion follower makeup wise, I mean I used to wear the lightest pink frosted lipstick with blue mascara and a pastel eyeshadow on the lid, graduated from that to tell my sk8r girl friends to stop wearing pink eye shadow because it made their eyes look sore! Haha oh I love my makeup memories.
I cannot go into boots because I always spend more money than I should on makeup, such as the other day when all makeup was 3 for 2! I actually told my boyfriend that he should have dragged me out! Oops.
Hope that this post has informed you readers of my lovely quirks! It's brought back some awesome and cringy memories but I do not care.
Anyway, I have realised after typing this that I have ballsed up the order of the post per day challenge, so tomorrow's post will be about My Earliest Childhood Memory, I promise!

P.s. the below picture is my McBusted face!

Love Melissa xx

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