Thursday, 31 July 2014

Long time no speaky - sorry people!!

Hello my lovely followers.
Sorry it has been a while, but I have had a really horrible time, what with having no extra money to get my laptop fixed and no new job.
I also picked up my degree certificate the other week. I don't particularly love the photo (moonface much!?) but I was rather proud and my Mam cried.

Well, my life is looking up a bit right now! I've figured out how to get my laptop working and I now have a full time job, starting Monday 4th August. I am ridiculously happy with my life at the moment. GOODBYE to Nando's - as much as I liked working there I will be pleased to see the back of constant unsociable hours (although I will massively miss my colleagues, especially after our beach party yesterday)

Now for me to save up for a long-awaited holiday with my best friend and also getting a new car!

I'll also be spending much more time putting things on this blog for you all!

I'm a very smiley lady at the moment!!!


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