Wednesday, 7 May 2014

My 1st Celebrity Crush, and also My Proudest Moment

Double posting again... Definitely should call this the 'Double Post Every Other Day Challenge' now. I am soooo busy with both Uni work (final push, will be finished by the 30th May!!) and my job that I'm finding it difficult to post every day. I will still follow the challenge through though!!

Anyways, I am going to get on with this post.

The first part is my first celebrity crush.
Now I am a 90's lass through and through, and with being British, I had (and may still have) a love for British Boybands. I was a fan of Take That the first and second time around. But I was a HUGE Boyzone fan. My first ever concert was a Boyzone concert too! So it only makes sense that my first crush was Ronan Keating, and by gum did I love him. I still do, but not quite as much, think he will always be a crush of mine. Looking back, his looks have definitely gotten better, he was a bit of a gingerish goofball with questionable teeth and dress sense:

But now, this man is something else. You should have seen me on the tour after the reunion of Boyzone where they flew over the crowd - they stopped about 8 feet away from me. I am not kidding you, I actually cried like you see those kids in music videos - only I wasn't a kid, I must have been about 20...

My first female celebrity crush which I definitely remember was Hilary Duff, circa Lizzy McGuire and A Cinderella Story. I must have watched those films hundreds of times! I still think she is lush, with her girl next door quality. I would definitely 'wife' her.

Now, we move on to my proudest moment.
There aren't that many, I should be proud of passing my GCSE's and A Levels but they just feel kinda meh if I am honest with you.
I am very proud of cutting all my losses with a 'job for life' getting rid of my car and coming to university, not knowing a soul when I began and making so many friends, albeit a 4 year age gap. And I will be proud and also very sad when I graduate.

But, my proudest moment of my life so far is passing my driving test, easily. Ah it was brilliant. It took me 3 attempts, but I could not believe it when I passed my test.
I passed 7 years ago near enough to the day and honestly it has changed my life.

Ford Ka v2 - the one I drive around in now!

My Mazda that I sold when I came to uni - cameo of first year halls!

My daft Dad in my first Ford Ka
Anyways, that is it for this double blog. Speak tomorrow - hopefully! Love, Melissa xx

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