Wednesday, 28 May 2014

My best physical features

This is a hard post to write, as I am currently following the WeightWatchers plan, and I wish to lose about 3 stones to be happy with myself. I have done it before and will stick to the plan as much as I can. So I am not happy with my body, but have been told I have a good set of boobs and my bum has a decent shape. Oh well I suppose they can be *ok* physical features.
I like my face, I could be worse looking, I’d rather be chunky and half –decent looking than skinny and not very pretty.
I know that it’s what’s on the inside that counts, so I don’t really value my looks.
I think that my best feature is my eyes. I have been told that I have almond shaped eyes, and I love to use makeup to enhance them, I always have. I like the colour of my eyes because they suit most shades of makeup, as they are green-ish brown. I’d love them to be completely green, but obviously this doesn’t happen. So I use russet and reddish tones to make them look more green. I play with makeup to make them look different all of the time.
I like my lips too, they’re a nice size and shape, and can wear loads of different colours, especially brights. My Mam hates bright lipstick, as she thinks they make lips look smaller, but I can get away with this because they are by no means thin. I hope that when I get older, they don’t shrink too much!
I think that is all I can really say about my physical features!

Love, Melissa xx

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