Wednesday, 28 May 2014

What Makes me feel better, always

When I feel down, I have a bit of a formula of what will make me feel better. These do not have to go in a particular order, and some can be missing off the list, but they work for me. These are:

  • A hot bubble bath (preferably with a Lush product)
  • A cigarette (if stressed - yes I know it is a bad vice, I am trying to give up)
  • A cup of tea!
  • A drink of alcohol (no too much though as it is a depressant)
  • Playing with makeup!
  • Purchasing makeup! 
  • Reading a book on my Kindle and losing myself for hours
  • Watching a good chick flick
  • Making myself food (healthy is best, but stodge can work too!)
  • Listening to cheesy music and singing along (I don't sing much because I am tone deaf and sound like a dying animal, but a good Singstar session with my housemates cures most things!)

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