Wednesday, 28 May 2014

The Last Time I Cried

Below are the last 4 posts of my well and truly failed blog per day challenge. I’m very sorry I couldn’t do this. Maybe some other time, when I have finished at University and have a half decent laptop and work rota. I feel like these excuses are pathetic, but in this case they are true.
Anyway, onto my first ‘post’.

Last Time I Cried
This is very simple for me. I watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 the other evening with the other half. With me being a massive Potter Geek (I am currently wearing a Hogwarts t-shirt from Primark!! Gonna include the tee as an additional OOTD at the bottom of this post.) This film makes me so sad. I’m not going to spoil it too much for the minority who haven’t read the books or seen the films, but I ALWAYS cry when Harry views Snape’s memories in the pensive, and I always cry like a baby when Harry can see all the dead people who mean so much to him and they have that lovely heart-warming chat.

One word sums these two parts where I am guaranteed to cry, and this word is:

So when I viewed the film the other night, I did indeed shed a few tears, and the boyf didn’t notice, because if he did, I would have gotten so teased!

Here is the OOTD that I promised (had to take the pics in the loos of the library - thank goodness most people are done with their courses now!) Anyway, it's chucking it down today and not at all summery, and with me spending the day at the library I have to be comfortable, this is the comfy look I am definitely happy with. The only problem is that my t-shirt is too baggy already - could definitely have gone down a dress size!

Burgundy Hogwarts Tee - £8, Primark

Hogwarts Tee, Tickled Pink Hoody (£8 from George at ASDA), Black Skinnies from New Look (can't remember the price)

Black New Look Skinnies, and my Black Patent Leather Dr Martens (~£60 from Amazon)

Love, Melissa xx


  1. I lurrrve harry potter. Even the first book makes me cry now! (also at University, which just goes to show that you're never too old!)

    all the feels for Snape!

    1. Haha, I get all the feels for the Harry Potter series in general, think it is a nostalgia thing!

      What are you studying at university? x


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