Saturday, 10 May 2014

Timeline of my day

Today is a brilliant day for a timeline of my day post to land on, as I am going to a Katy Perry concert tonight at the Metro Radio Arena in Newcastle.
I am too excited for words. Im fact I may have to calm myself down a tad. I even woke up before my alarm today!
So here is my timeline:
10:30 - 11:00 I will begin to get ready by laying out all of the things I may need for the day, including unbrellas, food, tickets and my outfit choice!
11:00 ~ 13:30 I am then going to slowly get ready for the gig, this includes styling my hair and a complete face of makeup, so will take a while especially as I don't want to rush.
14:00 Making my way out of the house, and putting petrol in the car and taking money out of the bank in preparation for merchandise!
14:15 ~ 15:00 Make my way to Newcastle in the Ka and find a space in my secret free parking spot and get in the Queue. Stay in the queue til 18:00/18:30
18:30 Be let in to the arena, rush to buy any merchandise I may want (I'm looking at you, expensive programme), and get to the front of the queue for the Reflection Section!
19:30 By this point I will be guided to the reflection section and hopefully right at the front!
From this point onwards, I will be enjoying the crowds and the support and then watching Katy Perry, getting totes emosh, singing, screaming and generally loving life!
Then after the gig, I may decide to go out in Newcastle on the Gay Scene for a couple of hours. I will see how I feel.
Love Melissa xx

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