Thursday, 22 May 2014

My 5 favourite blogs

This one is quite easy,
I am just going to list them, as I really do love the blogs, and it is easy to see why. The blogs aren’t listed in any particular order, just these are the ones I read or have read on a regular basis.


Sam & Nic, have followed their youtube channel from the early days, and I love what they have to say about products!

British Beauty Blogger

I have only just started reading this blog since I started mine, but I love the fact that this blogger is indeed British. :) I love the product reviews too, this has influenced a couple of my buys!


Although this blog is based in the US, I have followed the site for years, and now I follow the blog through bloglovin.
I love the swatches available from the site and the reviews and comparisons on the actual website.

Emma Pickles

I love Emma Pickles, I think she is beautiful, and creates the most beautiful makeup looks. I also follow her youtube religiously.

Melon Lady

I think this blogger and vlogger is hilarious. I think she may have a love/hate thing going on. But I cry laughing at some of her vlogs, and love her strangeness!

I am currently in my university library so cannot access one of my old favourite blogs, also, the blog has not been updated for so long, but I used to wait so impatiently for her blog posts, and this blogger is EffingDykes.

Could list so many more bloggers, but, it says 5, so I'm keeping my list at 5.
Love, Melissa xx

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